5 Best Gifts For a Baby

Shopping for the perfect baby gift for your child or your friend’s child might be difficult as you have to sort through the clutter whether you are shopping in stores or online. If you don’t have a close relationship with the child you are shopping for, it is advisable that you consult the parents first as you don’t have a track of the development of the baby. This article will present the best 5 baby gifts that will impress your child and in the next article, we’ll discuss baby shower food platters for you!


Laugh and learn puppy

This puppy not only entertains your child but it also present a chance for a child to learn various sounds, words, and music. It responds to a slight tough by the baby with a word, a sound, or music. The laugh and learn puppy is a good way to teach your various phrases, body parts, counting, colors, and letters. The Laugh and learn puppy has the following properties.


It has seven activation points

It provide a wide variety of responses

As the baby grows, you can change the learning level


Cloud-b Sound Machine


This machine is 100 percent made of polyester which makes it soft and snuggly. Cloud-b Sound Machine is designed to produce soothing noises which help your child to sleep. The machine helps to create a familiar and comfortable environment for child anywhere as the background noises are blocked by the soothing noises produced by the machine. This functionality makes this machine the best accessory for travel as it helps to keep your child comfortable. The machine has the following properties.


It has four sound options

Small in size and therefore fits in a diaper bag

It has adjustable volume settings


Sassy Bumpy Ball


It has bold patterns, contains rattle beads and a variety of bright colors which captures and keeps the attention of the child. The Sassy Bumpy Ball does not cost much which is proof that you can get a quality gift for your kid without having to spend a lot of money. Sassy Bumpy Ball has the following properties.


Its functionality is easy for the baby to grasp

It can be used to play parent-child games


VTech Learning Walker


Introducing your child to the world of learning is always advisable especially through music and motion. VTech Learning Walker has five piano keys which help to promote the creativity of the baby for instance through imaginative telephone play. It has the following properties.


The bright colors capture and keep the attention of the baby

Plays 70 sing-along songs

It develops the baby’s motor skills


BubbyBabies Blanket


Babbybabies Blanket is made up of components which are super soft which make it ideal for small children who are still in their motor skills development stage. The soft materials help to keep the baby comfortable. BubbyBabies Blanket holds up through snuggling because of its tightly stitched seams. It has the following properties.


It presents a gender-neutral theme

It is easy to grasp the handle

It has stiff embroidered words